How to see Divorce Yoga in Kundli According to Astrology



Nowadays, divorce or separation has become very common among married couples. Nowadays, it takes less time to get a divorce than it does to get married. If we look at it from the social aspect, there are many reasons behind it. However, here I will discuss only from the astrological aspect why couples divorce. Let us focus on how to find out about divorce in Kundali and about what problems can arise in married life if Kundali match making is not done.

Chances of divorce/marriage dissolution in horoscope

Divorce Signs in Horoscope: Reasons for divorce can vary, but from what I have observed from my astrological practice, most of them are given below:


  • Mismatch in sexual behavior or lack of sexual intercourse between the couple after marriage
  • More than one wife/husband combination in horoscope
  • Continuation of premarital intimate relationships.
  • Inability to conceive after marriage.
  • After getting a new relationship, forget the previous one.
  • Verbal or physical abuse.
  • Prolonged physical unwellness after marriage.
  • Poverty after marriage.
  • extramarital affair/relationship

Planets responsible for divorce/marriage separation in astrology horoscope

In my practical experience, I have observed that the Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu are the major planets that determine divorce. The 8th and 12th houses play an important role in the matter. Especially the eighth house and its lord.

Sun and divorce or separation of marriage in astrology:

This planet is generally hot in nature. If somehow the Sun or its lord is afflicted or ill and is associated with the seventh house then it will bring some problems in marital life. Surya is obedient by nature and also very authoritative. Thus the problem starts with ego. If the Sun is in the first or seventh house then it will give divorce.

This alone is not sufficient to determine divorce. If the house in which Sun is situated is not its enemy sign then it will create conflict or a situation where partners will blame each other or exchange heated words, but in the end, there will be no divorce. If Venus is in any specific house like the 2nd 4th 7th or 9th house within 7 degrees 30 minutes of the Sun then divorce is inevitable. You should always assess D-9 to be confident in making any decision regarding marriage. If both the horoscope and D-9 are pointing towards divorce then there is no doubt that divorce will happen, otherwise it will only create conflict. The conjunction or vision of auspicious planets can reduce or avoid the possibility of divorce.

Mars and divorce or divorce in astrology:

In astrology, Mars in the second, fourth, seventh, eighth, and twelfth house is called Mangal or Manglik Dosha. To know more about it please read my article Mangal or Manglik Dosha in Vedic Astrology. Here I will only discuss how Mars is responsible for divorce. Mars is said to be the planet of fights or physical torture. Therefore, when Mars is present in the houses related to marriage, especially the first or seventh house, it gives physical and verbal fights and quarrels in the family.

If only the seventh house is affected then such fights will happen only between husband and wife. But, if somehow the 3rd and 11th houses are afflicted and their lords are also involved then with such a yoga, especially in the female horoscope the girl will also be physically abused by her father-in-law and mother-in-law.

Saturn and divorce or separation of marriage in astrology:

This planet is also a very important planet for determining divorce. If Saturn is associated with marriage-related houses, especially the 1st or 7th house then it will make a person very suspicious and he will always doubt his partner.

Saturn always keeps a person dissatisfied with his married life. Saturn is a very slow-moving planet so it impacts very slowly and continuously. This type of partner always keeps things to themselves for a long time and suddenly lets them out on the smallest issue. Saturn definitely has long-term effects.

Rahu and divorce or divorce in astrology:

Like the above planets, Rahu also gives divorce if it is associated with any of the marriage-related houses, especially the 7th house. Rahu is called the planet of separation. To know more about Rahu please read my article – Effect of Rahu in Astrology – Mysterious Planet.

If it is in any way connected to the seventh house of sex, the person cannot be physically happy with one man or woman, he needs multiple partners. Rahu creates a bubbly personality. In most of the cases where Rahu is involved in divorce, you will find that physical reasons are the main reason behind it. Sometimes this also happens due to extramarital affairs.

Ketu and divorce or divorce in astrology:

Astrologers believe that Ketu always causes divorce. Some people say that Ketu does not give divorce, rather it gives the person the purpose of getting married, i.e. marrying only to increase the family or to give a new member to the family. Let me explain this further. Ketu wants to burn all material things to ashes.

It always tries to keep us away from all worldly matters. If it is present in the seventh house of marriage then it will make the person reluctant to live a married life. They do not worry much about their partner. Even if there are no other yogas in the horoscope that indicate excessive sensuality, sex is still very limited.

12 houses in the horoscope and divorce or dissolution of marriage:


  • The second house represents your relatives.
  • The fourth house represents mental and domestic peace and happiness in general
  • The seventh house rules the marriage partner and marital relations.
  • 12th house indicates pleasure in bed
  • When any of the above lords or planets are afflicted or under bad influence, problems will arise as per the issues related to that house or planet. For example, if the seventh house is afflicted in some way then problems will arise due to the partner.

Yoga causes separation/dissolution of marriage or divorce.

When the lord of the ascendant and the seventh house from it or the lord of the Moon sign or the seventh house from it or the lord of the Venus sign or the seventh house from it are in a “Sashashtak” relationship, a misunderstanding starts playing its role between the husband and wife, which leads to distrust and quarrels. leads to


  • This type of separation also occurs if the above-mentioned planets are in enemy positions are afflicted by any malefic planet or are debilitated.
  • If both the planet and the house are under bad influence then separation or divorce is certain.
  • But, if any of the above-mentioned yogas are aspected or conjoined by a strong auspicious planet, the separation can be accommodated or there can be a reunion between the couple after divorce.
  • If the lord of the 7th house is in the 6th house then divorce can happen, but always remember, the influence of the profit planet can reduce the chances of separation
  • If Saptamesh conjoins with the sixth or eighth house and is badly afflicted by a malefic planet, separation may occur.
  • If both Saturn and Rahu, or either of them, are in the Lagna, and they are associated with or represent any bad house, separation between the couple is necessary, and reunion in this type of case is very rare, ever. -Sometimes it also indicates legal harassment at the time of divorce.
  • Even when the seventh lord is retrograde or set or weak, separation occurs.

To finish

It must be kept in mind that the above discussion on planetary conjunctions is insufficient to determine separation or divorce yoga. Before considering everything as destructive one should consider D9 or Navamsha Kundli and Vimshottari dasha. If you want to know more about which yoga in horoscope indicates the yoga of divorce or separation, then you should talk to astrologer Chirag Daruwalla.


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