Key Elements of a Winning Complex Care Nursing Essay



Complex Care Nursing Essay care nursing essay for Medicare students is important because it plays a major role in determining their final grades. Per the statement of Fraze et al. in Role of Nurse Practitioners in Caring for Patients With Complex Health Needs. (2020), it is not merely focused on the problem at hand but involves therapists, doctors, physician assistants and more relevant people.

We have enlisted the key elements of the best personal statement for nursing topics. Ensure that you include them in your work when working, and rest assured that you will be good to go for achieving your dream grades. 

Hiring a cheap essay writing service to help you with reflective writing in nursing essays will also be beneficial. Let’s get back to the guidelines and dive deep into the topic. 

Elements of the Best Complex Care Nursing Essay – Practical and Simplified

When writing such an essay, you will have to work on a case study and tackle the main research problem. The most important thing to take care of when crafting your essay is that your work should display your expertise in solving complex problems. 

When reviewing different nursing essay examples, you will see that these components are the most seen in students with high-scoring papers. Let’s discuss these elements in detail: 

  • Assessment of the Key Problems

The first step of writing a complex care nursing essay is the usage of critical thinking and data collection skills of the writer. Different colleges and universities use different formats for the assessment stage of the work. 

You must first read the instructions for the students to find out what format you are supposed to use while solving the complex care essay. The data you collect can be subjective or objective. 

The best way to collect such initial assessment information about the reader is by reviewing the digital records. The caretakers of the patient can also help you greatly in this regard. 

  • Diagnosis of the Problem

Using the data you collected, you shall develop a nursing diagnosis plan, which comes right after the assessment stage. Per Nanda’s definition, the diagnosis refers to the clinical judgement about the responses of humans to life processes and health conditions by the family or community.

Basically, it is all about choosing the nursing actions to achieve a certain set of objectives. Here, you observe the basic problems of the patient and then try to sort out the actual reasons behind them. 

Once the diagnosis is complete, the next step to take in the nursing essay is trying to resolve the problems of patients by the nursing implementations. 

  • Planning the Essay

This is more like the planning stage in the essay after the diagnosis is complete. Here, you should focus on developing the SMART goal for your patient (in the context of the case study that you are studying). 

In the planning stage, it is important that you use the goal-oriented strategies that bring you the desired results. Here is a SMART goals template for you to understand this concept better: 

  • Specific

The goals that you want to set for the patient must be unambiguous and well-defined. They should be specific in nature. 

  • Measurable

For measuring the progress of the patient towards the goals, you first need to set different metrics to be achieved. Then, you must also track the progress of the patient against the goals. 

  • Achievable

The goals that you set for the patient’s recovery must be achievable and practical. It must be made after completing an extensive study on the topic. 

  • Realistic

The goals set for the patient must be relevant to the care plan, and they should be realistic. Also, they should not be too hard to achieve. 

  • Time-bound

The patient’s goals should have a definite starting and ending time. The time period, however, should be really flexible and achievable.

  • Implementation of the Strategy

The next thing to do here is to work on the implementation of your goals for the patient. The action plan helps the patient achieve the goals. Show the reading of the nursing interventions mentioned in your care plan and elaborate on them. 

As a nurse, you will either develop the nursing intervention guidelines on your own using different resources or follow the doctors ‘orders for the situation. You may also have to ask for the help of the family in order to effectively implement the plan.

Ensure that you clearly describe the intricacies of the process to the readers, and they understand your point of view. It will increase the value of your work in their eyes. 

  • Evaluation of the Results

This is the final section of your complex care nursing essay, where you explain to the readers the final outcomes of your work. Here, the professional healthcare person evaluates the progress of the patient and gauges whether the desired outcome has been met or not. 

You should ensure that the final results of your work answer the core questions and that they are relevant to the central theme of your work. A well-written essay impresses the supervisor, and you should rest assured that there will be no room for the deduction of your final grades. 


The role of a nurse in the hospital is not merely to provide care to the patients directly but also to communicate the problems to the relevant people. It demands that you have developed good analysis skills and can effectively present your stance to your readers. 

In a complex care nursing essay, you should illustrate your ability to demonstrate the patients’ problems and their recommended solutions to the audience. Always revise your papers once they are completed and fine-tune them before the final submission. 

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