Make Your Flowers Last Longer With Useful Tips from Renowned Florists



Flowers are instant mood boosters. No matter how dull the day might be, a bunch of colorful blooms is enough to make one feel elated. There’s some kind of magical effect that fresh blooms have on the human mind to put it precisely. It is one of the most popular gifts that people choose to pamper their loved ones from time to time. Whether you avail the online flower delivery in Bangalore or any other city, it is a pleasure to send flowers. There’s nothing like dropping in floral surprises for the dear and near ones to put it precisely.

Many a time, you often do receive a bunch of vibrant blooms from loved ones. Well, the charm of such surprises is such that we feel like making the flowers last for the maximum span.  The fact is, it can be easily done with the right kind of tips for the matter. We have taken special care to learn about these efficient and easy tips from renowned florists to put it precisely. In addition, we can give you the details. So, interested to know more? Well, read on…

  1. Use A Clean Vase: The first thing that you need to do is, select a clean vase. Whether you choose a vase, a pot, or a jar, ensure that it is clean. Choose the right kind of vase to arrange the bunch of beautiful blooms. You need to fill the flower holder with tepid water. It should be around three-quarters of the holder for the matter. Before putting in the blooms make sure there is no soap residue. Soap residue is known to shorten the life of the flowers to be precise.
  2. Add Some Flower Food To The Water In The Holder: It is the next step that you need to be careful about. The flowers need their share of food as well to last longer. Use two tablespoons of white vinegar and two tablespoons of white sugar. Add this concoction to the water in the holder. The sugar will help promote the opening of the flowers while nourishing them to the core. The presence of vinegar will eliminate bacteria and help keep the flowers looking fresh for a much longer time.
  3. Cut The Stems: Before arranging the flowers in the holder, remember to trim the stems. For best results, trim it to a 45-degree angle. This helps increase the surface area enabling the stems to absorb water more effortlessly to put it precisely. This ensures proper hydration of the flowers. Hydrated flowers mean happy and healthy flowers which makes the pretty blooms stay fresh for a long. Even if you buy flowers online for yourself, remember to follow these tricks.
  4. Do Away With The Lower Leaves: Although it might be a little tiresome to remove the lower leaves, it is worthwhile. This ensures the longevity and health of the flowers for the matter. Remember that you need to remove all the leaves below the waterline. This shall not only give a cleaner look to the arrangement but also ensure the long life of the flowers. It prevents the build-up of bacteria and is sure to help the flowers look fresh for a longer time.
  5. Arrange The Flowers Artistically: There are different tapes and other equipment that are made available to help with flower arrangements. Use such tapes and bands that help to hold the flowers in place as you arrange them in a vase. This shall help maintain the design arrangement just the way you arrange it for the matter.
  6. Avoid Direct Sunlight: Place the vase in a proper place away from direct sunlight and heat. While the sun worshippers might tell you otherwise, once the flowers are cut, direct sunlight is harmful. Exposing the arrangement to direct sunlight is known to promote premature wilting and browning.
  7. Change the Water on a Daily Basis: If you are interested in making the flowers last longer, then, change the water daily. Yes, this is a great tip to put it precisely. No matter in which pot or vase you keep the blooms, make sure to change the water regularly.

The next time someone gifts you flowers through online flower delivery, or hands a bunch of blooms, remember these tips. Follow these tips from renowned florists to make the beautiful blooms look magically fresh and healthy which invariably lasts longer!

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