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Radio Moscow shortwave frequencies are a valuable resource for radio enthusiasts all over the world. Spanning from 50 kHz to 28 MHz, these frequencies offer listeners a wide variety of programs and broadcasts. In this article, we will take a look at some of the popular Radio Moscow shortwave frequencies and what you can expect to hear when tuning in.

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What are Radio Moscow Shortwave Frequencies?

Radio Moscow is a Russian state-owned international broadcaster. It operates on shortwave frequencies.

What are the Benefits of Using Radio Moscow Shortwave Frequencies?

Radio Moscow is one of the oldest and most popular shortwave frequencies in the world. It has a wide range of programming that appeals to listeners worldwide, from news and information to music and culture. There are many benefits to using Radio Moscow frequencies, including:

-Broadcasting flexibility: Radio Moscow can be used for broadcasting news, information, and entertainment to a wide audience. This makes it an ideal frequency for distributing breaking news or emergency alerts.

-Ease of use: Radio Moscow is easy to use, with a simple signal format and plenty of programming options. Broadcasting on this frequency is also very affordable.

-Variety: Radio Moscow offers a wide variety of programming, from news and information to music and culture. This ensures that listeners will always find something interesting to listen to.

-Wide reach: Radio Moscow’s wide range of programming means that it can reach a large audience across the globe. This makes it an ideal frequency for distributing breaking news or emergency alerts.

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How to Use Radio Moscow Shortwave Frequencies

If you’re looking for some easy, albeit unconventional, ways to stay connected with the world during your travels, you might want to check out Radio Moscow’s shortwave frequencies. These frequencies are unlicensed and offer a wide variety of programming from around the globe.

To use Radio Moscow’s shortwave frequencies, you’ll first need to find a radio receiver that can tune in to these frequencies. There are many options available on the market, so it’s important to choose one that is specifically designed for shortwave reception.

Once you’ve got your receiver, it’s time to tune into Radio Moscow’s frequencies. You can find them by searching for “Radio Moscow” on your favorite shortwave receivers manufacturer’s website or by using a frequency finder app like DX Atlas.

Once you’ve found Radio Moscow’s frequencies, all you have to do is start scanning the broadcast channels. You’ll likely be amazed by the variety of programming available on these unlicensed frequencies. From international news coverage to religious services and even music broadcasts from around the world, there is definitely something for everyone on Radio Moscow’s shortwave frequencies.

A Short History Of Radio Moscow

Radio Moscow is an international shortwave radio station that was founded in 1941. It broadcasts on a number of frequencies, including 810 kHz and 1710 kHz. The station’s programming includes news, music, and talk shows. Radio Moscow is a member of the International Broadcasting Union and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

The Best Radio Station For Moscow

Radio Moscow is a shortwave radio station broadcasting on frequencies between 1700 kHz and 2100 kHz. The station is owned by the Russian government, and its programming is devoted to public affairs, Russian culture, and music from the Soviet era.

Radio Moscow’s signal can be received throughout much of Europe and parts of Asia, making it an ideal tool for listeners in these regions who want to learn more about Russian culture or hear classic Soviet music without having to travel to Russia. The station also broadcasts news and information in several languages, making it a valuable resource for international audiences as well.

Radio Russia Shortwave Frequencies

Radio Russia has a wide variety of shortwave frequencies to choose from for listening.

The adult contemporary frequency range offers listeners classic music from the 1940s to the 1960s. The classical frequency range features classical music from throughout history.

The Radio Russia website provides detailed information about each frequency and how to listen.

The Best Shortwave Numbers In Radio Moscow

Radio Moscow is one of the oldest and most famous shortwave radio stations in the world. Even though it’s been around since the 1920s, it still broadcasts on a wide variety of frequencies.

Since shortwave propagation is not as reliable as AM or FM signals, Radio Moscow can be difficult to hear in some parts of the world. However, there are still a few frequencies that are worth tuning into if you’re looking for quality international programming.

Here are three of Radio Moscow’s best shortwave frequencies:

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Radio Moscow: Shortwave Broadcasts from Russia

Radio Moscow is a Russian international shortwave broadcasting station, located in Moscow. It began operations in October 1941 as the Russian Radio Broadcasting Service, broadcasting on 10 kW.Today, it broadcasts in eight languages: Russian, English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Polish.

The station’s programming features news and current affairs coverage, folk music and arts programs, as well as religious services.

Radio Moscow broadcasts on shortwave frequencies covering North America (including Cuba), Europe (Austria, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic Denmark Ecuador Egypt Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Iceland India Indonesia Ireland Israel Italy Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Macedonia Malta Mexico Monaco Montenegro Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Romania San Marino Serbia Slovakia Slovenia South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland Thailand Turkey Ukraine United Kingdom) and Asia (China India Japan).

10 Frequencies You Should Know In Radio Moscow

Radio Moscow is a Russian radio station that broadcasts on shortwave frequencies.

Radio Moscow Summer Shortwave Frequencies

The Radio Moscow summer shortwave frequencies are a great way to get Russian news and culture to people all over the world. The frequencies are also perfect for studying Russian language and culture.


Radio Moscow is one of the oldest and most famous radio stations in the world. It broadcasts on shortwave frequencies, which means that it can be difficult to tune in if you’re not located near a major city with an antenna. However, if you want to experience Radio Moscow’s unique programming firsthand, there are a few ways to do so. You can listen online using streaming services like TuneIn or Radioplayer, or download podcasts and MP3s from their website.


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