Smart Tips to Move Kitchen Items Via Packers and Movers Nashik



Packers and Movers Nashik is a daunting task for most people. They do not know how to start this process for your relocation. With lots of items to pack, your kitchen is undoubtedly one of the most difficult rooms to pack before you move. Numerous tiny and fragile articles need extreme care from your end. If you too are having difficulties in packing your kitchen while moving with your packers and movers in Nashik, you can go through the following tips to simplify this process:-

De-clutter the Kitchen 

Moving unused items of your kitchen is not going to benefit you in any way. They are lying unused in your kitchen and you won’t use them even after moving to your new home. So, it is better to identify these items and get rid of them. Make sure to take the help of your inventory list before separating out your unused articles. Once you finish this process, you have two options to get rid of them. You can either donate these items to an NGO or sell them online. Now, how will you know that a particular item is of no use to you? Well, it is quite simple as you only have to pick the items that are not being used by you for the last 2 or 3 months. Once you purge these items, you don’t have to take these items with you. Also, your consignment will be lighter to move if you get rid of your unused items. 

Pack Less-used Items First

You should first pack the less-used items of your kitchen as they won’t be used at all during the move. Some of these items include fine china dinnerware, cookbooks, as well as seasonal spices. Once you pack these items, you can go ahead to pack other items of your kitchen as well. 

Collect the Right Packing Supplies

If you are packing your kitchen yourself, you need to gather the best packing supplies first. Some of the best packing supplies that you can collect for packing your kitchen include twist ties, packing paper, markers and labels, dish boxes, etc. With the help of these packing supplies, you can easily pack all kinds of kitchen articles without any problem. However, don’t forget to use extra tape on the bottom of each box that contains heavy items. 

Packing the Dishes

Dishes are somewhat easy to move as compared to other kitchen items as they are flat and can be easily stacked during the move. However, you should pack them carefully as they are breakable items. So, you must follow a strategy to relocate these items safely to your desired destination.  However, make sure not to overstuff the boxes that contain dishes. This will provide damage to your goods during the move. So, you should take great care of these items while moving them to other destinations. The best would be to choose a medium-sized container to pack and move your dishes. However, use the bubble wrap on the bottom of the boxes which will save them from jolting and sliding during the relocation process. 

Pack Pots and Pans

Packing pots and pans too require special packing from your end. This will help them in preventing handle breakage and dents of these items. You can nest these cookware into one another. However, don’t forget to insert packing foam or dish towel between each item. This will help you in taking out the small pans from the large ones easily. Once you finish packing your pans and pots, fill the gaps with crumpled paper and bubble wrap. This will provide complete protection to these items during their transportation process. 

Pack Gas Appliances

To pack the gas appliances during your move, make sure to disconnect the cylinder from your gas stove first. After that, you can find a carry bag and easily pack the regulator and the gas pipe in it. Now you can pack your stove carefully with the help of bubble wrap. This will save it from any kind of damage or scratch. 

Pack Silverware

Packing the silver items of your kitchen is also a big challenge for you. The silver items get oxidized instantly, so you must keep them in a cotton cloth or in cloth pouches. Also, you can keep these items in a carton box to keep them safe. For extra safety, you can seal the box from both sides. Besides, you can also write a secret code on them. However, don’t share this code with others as that won’t be good for the overall safety of these items. 

Pack Glassware

Other articles in the fragile articles list are glassware. They are easily broken due to a sudden jerk. So, you need to pack them carefully to move them safely. Proper packing of these articles saves them from being damaged during the move. Make sure to pack your glass cups and wine glass vertically. This will protect them from any damage throughout the entire moving process. It is best to use the dividers to keep them safe during the move. If you don’t find the dividers, you can create them by using food containers. Make sure to use a double layer of packing paper to wrap each glass during the move. This will protect these items while moving them to other destinations.

Pack Small Appliances

Packing small appliances of your kitchen is an art. Even if you have the support of the best packers and movers in Nashik, you need to pack these appliances perfectly. However, first, you will need to clean these appliances. After cleaning, you should remove any loose parts of your appliances and wrap them separately in packing paper. Use the twist ties to tie the power cord and pack it in the packing paper. Besides, you can also use towels or paper to cushion the box and pack your accessories in them. You can also use the original boxes to pack your small appliances safely such as air fryers, toasters, blenders, etc. These boxes are great for the complete safety of your articles during the relocation process. 


Packing your kitchen items is an easy-peasy affair with the help of the above-mentioned packing tips for your kitchen. You can search for other important tips to pack your kitchen items easily and move through the best packers and movers in Nashik without any stress.


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