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Transfixed Antonyms are words that have the opposite meaning of one another. For example, in English, the word “walk” is an Antonym to the word “run.” Both words mean “to move forward on foot,” but their opposite meanings make them perfect candidates for different parts of speech.

Transfixed Antonyms

What is a verb?

Verbs are the actions or behaviors that we take to produce a result. A verb is usually defined as an action word, such as run, jump, and speak. However, there are also some verbs that are not typically thought of as actions, such as exist and seem.

One of the most common questions that students have about verbs is what is a transitive verb and an intransitive verb. Transitive verbs require an object – something that the verb action is directed at. For example, eat is a transitive verb because you need an object for the verb to work (usually food). Intransitive verbs do not require an object – the verb just exists independently of any objects. For example, can is an intransitive verb because it does not require anything else to complete the sentence – you just need to know the word can.

There are a few other things to keep in mind when trying to understand verbs. One is that verbs can be progressive or non-progressive. Progressive verbs make reference to something already happen by saying things like I am eating or he has been writing. Non-progressive verbs simply say that something is happening right now without specifying when it started or will end. Another thing to

The different types of verbs

There are many different types of verbs, and each one has a specific definition. Here are some of the most common verb types:

What does transfix mean?

Transfixed has multiple definitions, but the most common is to be fixated on or fascinated by something. For example, somebody might be transfixed by a beautiful sunset. In this context, transfix means to be drawn in by the beauty of the scene.

Infinitives and gerunds

What are infinitives and gerunds?

Infinitives are verbs that end in -ing. For example, to sing is an infinitive verb. Gerunds are verbs that end in -ing but also have a noun form. For example, singing means both the act of singing and being sung to.

How To Make Transfixed Antonyms

If you’re looking to make transfixed antonyms, it’s not as hard as you might think. Here are a few tips:

1) Use a thesaurus to find synonyms for “transfixed.”

2) Use nouns and verbs that have similar meanings to create new antonyms.

3) Be creative! Think about words that don’t typically have an opposite meaning, and see how you can use them in your antonym.

All The Different Antonyms For Transfixed

Different antonyms for “transfixed” are incredibly interesting and help to define the verb in a more detailed way. Here are eleven examples:

1. Enthralled : Captivated by fascination or admiration
2. Fascinated : Engrossed in an interest or pleasure
3. Entranced : Possessed by a trance or spell
4. Entranced : Amazed or astonished
5. Mesmerized : Held in suspension by an enchantment ; spellbound
6. Mesmerized : Controlled by an overwhelming force, such as strong emotion, hypnotism, or a fever
7. Paralyzed : Stunned into immobility
8. Paralyzed : Unable to act or speak
9. Awestruck : Stupefied with astonishment
10. Aroused : Thrilled, excited, or pleased
11. Aroused : Intimidated

The Top 5 Transfixed Antonyms

1. Bound
2. Captivated
3. Fascinated
4. Enthralled
5. Persuaded

20 Words With Transfixed Antonyms

Transfixed is an adjective meaning “immobilized by admiration or wonder.” An examples of this word would be when you see a beautiful flower and are completely transfixed by it.

An antonym of this word would be un-transfixed, which means “not immobilized by admiration or wonder.” For example, if you are walking down the street and see a homeless person and are un-transfixed by them, that means you aren’t attracted to them in any way.

Another example of an antonym would be transfixed on, which means “hooked on or gripped by.” This would describe how someone is feeling when they are completely transfixed on something. They are focused on it and not paying attention to anything else.

Transfixed Antonyms

Transfixed Antonyms and Using Them In Writing

When you are looking to use an Antonym in your writing, be sure that you understand the definition. An Antonym is a word that has the opposite meaning of the Word it is paired with. This can be helpful when you need to create a contrast in your writing.

For example, the word “destroy” has the opposite meaning as “construct.” When you use an Antonym like this, it can create a powerful image in your reader’s mind. By contrasting one word with its opposite, you can create a more vivid picture in their mind.

To use an Antonym effectively, be sure to know the definition of the word you are using. This will help you to create powerful writing.

13 Transfixed Antonyms That We Should All Use

As verb users, we should all be familiar with the following transfixed antonyms: captivated, entranced, mesmerized. But what about the opposite? Here are thirteen transfixed antonyms for you to try out and see how they feel!

1. Awestruck
2. Dismayed
3. Enamored
4. Fascinated
5. Flabbergasted
6. Groaning
7. Indignant
8. Mesmerized
9. Pleasantly surprised
10. Ravished

Transfixed Antonyms

5 Transfixed Antonyms To Give You A New Perspective On Life

Life can be pretty static and mundane at times, but what if there were a way to add some excitement and change into your life? Well, with the help of transfixed antonyms, you can do just that!

Here are five examples of transfixed antonyms that will give you a new perspective on life:

1. Restless – When you are restless, it means that you are constantly on the move. You may be moving around a lot or you may be restless because you are not comfortable where you are.
2. Inert – When something is inert, it is inactive. This could mean that the object is not moving or that it is not responding to stimuli.
3. Arid – When something is arid, it is dry and barren. This could mean that the environment is dry or that the person is emotionally dry.
4. Boring – When something is boring, it is not enjoyable or exciting. This could mean that the person or thing is not interesting or that the situation is not stimulating. 5. Static – When something is static, it does not change or evolve over time. This could mean that the person or thing is unchanging or that

The 8 Most Transfixed Antonyms

What are the 8 most transfixed antonyms?

1. Boundless: Going beyond what is considered usual or normal
2. Mystic: Possessing qualities or characteristics associated with a higher order of life, esp. one involving spiritual experience
3. Timeless: Not having an exact boundaries; eternal
4. Prodigal: Expending extravagantly and without regard for financial prudence
5. Impartial: Acting fairly and without showing favoritism or prejudice; not partial to any person or thing; impartial as a judge
6. Ambitious: striving for success or advancement; Having great ambition
7. Arrogant: Having excessive self-confidence and feeling that one is superior to others; haughty
8. Reckless: Taking unnecessary risks


In this article, we discussed the definition of a verb and its two antonyms. We also explored how transposed meanings can create intriguing new verbs. Hopefully, by understanding antonyms, you will be better equipped to analyze the language around you and come up with your own unique definitions for words.


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