What is Social Media?



What is Social Media? Social media refers to a sharing network where each user can interact at a high level with an individual focus. We call the whole of the services offered through applications and platforms that include various features such as sharing, following, liking, viewing, and chatting on social media. Basically, it is a structure where we, the users, can share and interact with Buy Instagram Followers through our website. Thanks to social media, we can share our thoughts, ideas, and various activities.

The various posts we make may generally contain text, words, pictures, photo albums, videos, audio files, and links. Other users can like our posts and share them again. We can also like and reshare posts made by other users. We can also comment on those posts.

Today, social media and its tools are at the most important point of online life. If we were to briefly define the Internet, we would define it as a data transfer and display area such as a showcase. Additionally, we call it social media. For most users, social media is the internet in itself.

What Comes to Our Mind When Social Media is Mentioned?

In short, social media is an area of ​​online socialization. When we talk about this concept, the first thing that comes to our mind is the social media platforms that come to the fore. Examples; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

For what purpose is social media used in our country and around the world?

I think that the purposes for which social media is used are an important area and an issue that should be taken into consideration. Because these goals and objectives shape our online living space. A lot of research has been done on this subject and continues to be done. According to this data, more than 80% of those who use these platforms and applications stated that they use them for entertainment purposes.

A small group of people stated that they use it to reach different people and increase individual popularity and recognition. Additionally, very few people said that they only used it to share information and get to know people better.

We can understand whether this is actually the case or whether the data is correct after more detailed research and examination. However, when we observe it, these data seem close to correct in our country. However, the situation is slightly different around the world. The world uses social media mostly for commercial and individual popularity. Businesses use social media as a high-level promotion and marketing tool.

What are the Types of Social Media?

Social media is not just about Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Blogs, video-sharing networks, chat platforms, dictionaries to which users can contribute, etc. They are all actually a part of social media.

If we list the types, we can list a few prominent types as follows;

  1. Social media networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
  2. Video sharing networks: Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, TikTok etc.
  3. Blogs: Blogger, Tumblr, Medium, WordPress, etc.
  4. Professional Networks: Linkedin etc.
  5. Dictionaries:  Eksisözlük, İtüsözlük, Wiktionary, Glosbe, Tatoeba etc.
  6. Social Stores: Locker etc.
  7. Visual Feasts: Pinterest, Flickr, etc.
  8. Location Sharing: Foursquare etc.
  9. Review: TripAdvisor, ComplaintVar, Google Maps, etc.
  10. Dating and Chat: Badoo, Snapchat, Clubhouse etc.
  11. Library: GoodReads etc.

We can include a few more species in our list. In addition, instant messaging applications such as ” WhatsApp, Messenger, and Telegram ” are also important applications that we can include in this list.

In short, there are social networks and applications everywhere in our lives. It has an important place in all commercial, individual, and official activities. Today, it is a necessity for all businesses to have and actively use at least 3 social networks. It’s an important part of having a presence on the internet, I’d say.

It has even enabled the formation of a branch and new professions. In addition to new professions, it has even led to the development of a completely different sector. Additional operations such as followers, likes, views, and special studies are carried out. Because followers and likes are extremely important in many social networks. In particular, businesses need to seek expert support in order to achieve success in this field and increase their sales.

In my opinion, I can explain this concept, which is accepted worldwide as Social Media, as follows. These networks are important areas where we can interact and make our voices heard to the world very easily. “ Being in the right place, at the right time ” indicates the indescribable level of importance of this community.

What Does “ Being in the Right Place, at the Right Time ” Mean for Social Networks?

I would like to reinforce the subject with an example. Let’s imagine that we have a company that markets Terrace Awning systems and that we work mostly on a local basis. It is essential that we have a presence on social media and reach our potential customers. So where is the right place? We need to determine the right location. In this case, we cannot go and work on dating sites such as Cloudhouse account or Badoo. We need to work in areas that will support our success locally. Tools such as Google Maps and Facebook would be a much better choice. So, what does right timing mean? We can say that every network now has popular times. It is imperative that we capture this moment correctly. Imagine you are a business marketing winter products. How effective do you think it would be to launch a special social campaign in June? Or how effective would it be to share posts at night compared to daytime? I leave the answer to this up to you.

In essence, we need to use social networks effectively in every individual or commercial activity. In order to carry out correct and efficient work, it is important that we get support from the right and professional people. At this point, BuyIGFollowersMalaysia produces excellent results with both its quality and professional solutions.

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