why is kim kardashian famous ?



Why is Kim Kardashian popular, why and how did that happen?

Pretty Simple Really- A wanna be Rapper by the name of Ray J. Brother of Brandi, took Kim to some cheap Motel, got her drunk, got her out her panties, Got her to blow him and then Fucked her all the while a video tape recording the fun.

As a result, rumor has it that Kris, Kim’s mom found the tape and sent it off to some of her connections in the Porn Industry and sold it. Those places are always in the market for Semi celebs that are only 17 years old doing the deed. They tend to market it to the point where it becomes a money maker. No exception here.

Upon its release, naturally Kim denied having anything to do with it and wanted to sue. No go. Turns out her Mommy Dearest was behind it and now Kim has some coin, It gave her an identity and a following.

With that, and their family being so F*****d Up, it was perfect chemistry for a Reality show, which fed the needs of a Public who had no one to look up to. . . The rest is History!

people are mentioning ray j which happened when kim was 27 but that’s not exactly true. it started long before ray j.

It started when her dad won the oj simpson case in 1995. kim, ojay’s goddaughter was known by celebrities as being the daughter of robert kardashian. kim’s mom assisted kim in using this fame to assist celebrities. kim then showed up on paris hilton’s coat tails as her assistant. paris’ trust in kim led to kim getting more fame. then kim began arranging closets for celebrities.

This allowed her to date producer damon thomas, who she married at age 19 in 2000. after using paris and damon kim decided to compete against her former boss who released a sex tape in 2004, one night in paris. after paris unintentionally got media attention as a result of the scandal, kim decided to date brandy’s brother ray jay in 2006. banking off jessica simpson’s fame, kim dated her ex husband nick lachey from the former singing group 98 degrees shortly after their divorce in 2006. she shortly followed with her own reality show.

After dating nick cannon who was then host of mtv’s wild and out in 2006. in 2007 while dating football player reggie bush, kim started keeping up with the kardashians. then to help launch the show kim released the porn tape with ray jay from 2006. ray jay was the one actually caught off guard here as his career tanked afterwards. kim however intended to release this to help bank off of her tv show launch. (it was her mother’s idea) after splitting with reggie in 2009 she crashed into firedating again with miles austin in 2009 and right after his split with hallie berry, she dated gabirel aubry.

All of these public relationships led to her fame increasing. they also led to the launch of her sister khloe’s dating and marrying basketball player lamar oden and a backlash from black women claiming the kardashians were dating famous black men, using them and tanking their careers. then her brother robert dated rapper black chyna. who’s career also tanked afterwards. this fed gossip and after the breakup of her sister kourtney with scott disick, his highly publicized battle with alcohol abuse and the unexpected death of both his parents, this also led to the so called curse of the kardashians as people noted that regardless of race, it seemed everyone they dated had a downfall in their careers.


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